Messerscmitt 109-G12 - Twin Seat Trainer for Sale - Very Rare

The Messerschmitt BF-109G-12 is the trainer version of the Messerschmitt BF-109G. Starting in 1944, some BF-109G-2, BF-109G-3, BF-109G-4, and BF-109G-6's were converted to two seat trainers and designated as BF-109G-12's. A second cockpit was installed for the instructor behind the pilot and a elongated canopy added. The so-called Rustsatze filed modification kits and Umrust-Bausatze factory conversion kits were part of a system promulgated by the RLM throughout the German military aviation industr

Messerscmitt 109-G12 - Twin Seat Trainer for Sale - Very Rare


16h45min TSO


Merlin 500-45

78h TSO


Hamilton-Standard 23E50-489

78h TSO

Avionics & Equipment:

Radios: Becker AR 6201

Transponder: Becker 6201

Encoder: Becker BE6400

ELT: Kannad

Other: Disc brakes


Quality 10/10

Paint Scheme: Luftwaffe as "Yellow 27"


Quality 10/10


Phone 24/7

+44(0)207 183 7988





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