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Citation CJ1 For Sale

The CJ1 provides remarkable flexibility. Its runway performance lets you get in and out of airports as short as 3,280 feet at maximum takeoff weight. In addition, its trailing-link gear ensures cat-soft landings on even the roughest of runways. The CJ1's interior was created by the same team that designed the midsize Citation interiors. The clean lines, rich materials, recessed aisle, and extra headroom and elbowroom rivals aircraft costing many times more.


Citation CJ1 For Sale

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2005, 713 TT, 713 SNEW / 713 SNEW, IFR. No Damage History, Always Hangared, Aircraft is on Cescom, ProParts, Power Advantage. Collins ProLine 21 w/3 Tube EFIS, Dual Garmin 530A, UNS-1L FMS, EGPWS, Skywatch HP (TCAS-I), RVSM compliant, 8.33 kHz spaced radios. Belted Flushing Potty, Satelite phone (2 handsets), 2005 Paint, 2005 Int, 6 Seats, Gray leather interior. Last Maintenance Inspection 3-2010, Complete Records, Based in Poland


Maximum Speed: 745 km/h
Maximum Range: 2408 km
Service Ceiling: 12497 m


Passengers: 6
Crew: 2

General Characteristics

Length: 13.3 m
Wingspan: 14.4 m
Height: 4.4 m
Empty Weight: 3191 kg
Max Takeoff Weight: 4853 kg
Powerplant: Williams-Rolls Royce FJ-44-1A