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Sell my aircraft

Exclusive Aircraft Sales is the industry leader in Off and On market worldwide aircraft sales. Your asset will be personally handled from start to finish only by one of the senior company directors. You will have a relationship with only one person throughout the process and they will be available to you 24/7. From the moment you submit your aircraft details below into the free aircraft valuation tool then will take care of the rest. Our team will reply to you with a full market report specifically tailored to your aircraft and the current market as of today. Then the company director specialising your aircraft type will be available to answer any questions on any part of the sales process. The best part of all is we have the simplest sales agreement in the industry (half a page) and there are no fees and no obligation unless we achieve your desired sales price. How could we make it any easier. Get your no obligation free aircraft appraisal no be filling in the below form.



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How do I sell my aircraft?

Contact Exclusive for a free full market appraisal and then decide in your own time if you would like to proceed with our expert team to sell your aircraft for you.

Are there long legal contracts?

No Exclusive has the shortest and simplest sales contact in the business, it is only half a page long. Most of our competitors will send you complex 10 to 15 page agreement.

Can I cancel my agreement ?

Yes you can cancel you agreement for any reason by giving Exclusive Aircraft notice and no questions will be asked.

How long does it take to sell my aircraft?

It can take a matter of weeks if the price is right or a matter of months if you are looking for a higher than market rate.

What aircraft do Exclusive Sell?

We sell all aircraft, helicopters, turboprops, jets and commercial aircraft. Bring any aircraft to us and we will value it for you.

Who do we sell aircraft to?

Exclusive Aircraft Sales Ltd holds a data base of over 105,000 individuals, blue chip companies and aircraft operators who are seeking to purchase Jets, turbo props and helicopters on a world wide scale

Buyer Checks?

We fully vet all buyers before we bring their offers to our clients selling to make we never waste our clients time with fake offers.

How much does it cost to sell my aircraft?

For our service we would ask for a modest % commission of upon the final sale price of the aircraft. If we do not sell your aircraft you do not pay us anything.

What do we do for our clients selling?

We cover all of our own costs throughout the selling process. When listing an aircraft for sale we will first meet with the owner, inspect the aircraft, professionally photograph the aircraft, review all of the maintenance records and log books, list the aircraft, attend all client viewing personally, negotiate all pricing for the owner, achieve a price the owner is happy with, supply all contacts and purchase agreements, advise on contract negotiation and tax jurisdiction, liaise with registration change, programs transfer, provide all legal information requires, deregister aircraft, arrange bill of sale, setup and manage Escrow agent to protect the seller………. The list goes on.