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MD 87 VIP - 36 seat

MD87 VIP For Sale. McDonnell Douglas announced that it was to produce a shorter fuselage MD-80 series development aircraft, designated the MD-87, which would seat between 109 and 130 passengers depending upon configuration. This amazing passenger aircraft has now been converted into a full V-VIP flying palace with a bedroom, seating for 24 passengers in comfort, 3000 nm range, 7 hour + flying capability and the full interior refurbishment was only completed in 2012. We have this immaculate MD 87 VIP for ACMI lease exclusively and it is available to enter immediate operation.



Make                              Pratt & Whitney

Model                             JT 8 D – 217 C

Description                   Two- shaft High- Bypass Turbofan

Engine thrust               20,000 pound- thrust

The engines offer Stage 3 noise compliance standards without the need for hush kits, enhanced short field performance, steeper and faster climb rates with roughly a 10 % reduction in fuel burn for extended range.


Total - Forward, Mid & Rear                 937 cu / FT (26.5 CUm )



RVSM Certified

TCAS Change 7. 0

Mode S Transponder EGPWS


2 x Digital Flight Guidance System:     Honey well 4034241- 971 or - 973 HF Radio: Collins 618 T- 5 or 628 T-2 A

2 x VHF Radios:                                 Collins 618 M 2 D, 618 M 3 or 618 M 3 A

Voice Recording System:                    Honey well 965 - 6005 - 076 or - 076 ULD Flight Recorder System: SDC 980 - 4100 - DXUS

2 x Air Data Computing System:          Honey well HG 280 D 80

2 x Gyrosyn Compass System:           Sperry DG-206 A or 2588302- 4 2 x Altitude System: Honey well 2587335 -13 or -113

Marker Beacon System:                      Collins 51Z- 4 2 x VOR / ILS System: Collins 51RV- 4

Weather Radar System:                      Bendix RTA- 4 A

2 x Radio Altimeter System:                T. R.T 9599 - 607-14908 EGPWS: Honey well 965 -1076 - 020 -214 -214

TCAS:                                                Collins 622- 8971- 022

Windshear Alert a System:                    Honey well 4059845 - 911 2 x DME System: Collins 8 . 6 E- 03

2 x ADF System:                                  Collins ADF-700

2 x ATC Transponder System:               Collins TPR-720

Performance Management System:D elco 7892551- 011- 010



Forward Cabin

Two Forward Gal leys

Forward Closet

Forward Hallway Credenza /Side Ledge

Flight Attendant Stat ion

VIP Stateroom (located in front)

Stateroom Bed

Night Stand

20” Bulkhead Video Monitor

Stateroom Closet

Stateroom Toilet and Sink

Stateroom Vanity & Mirror

VIP Lounge

3 VIP Seats

3-place Divan

31” Video Monitor

High-Lo Conference/Coffee Table


2 Credenzas

Sidewall Table

Pocket Door


First Class Cabin

9 VIP Seats

Overhead Bins, LH Only

3 Centre Cabinets

Dr ink Rail, RH Only

Curtain between First & Coach

Premium Coach Seating/AFT Galleys / Lavatories

21 Premium Coach Seats with Extended Leg Room

2–24” Bulkhead Video Monitors

Overhead Bins

Food Service Area consisting of 3 Galleys

SAT Phone and IFE Instrument Closet

2 AFT Lavatories

AFT Flight Attendant Seat


36 Passenger Configurations completed in June 2012


Delivery                         Date August 11, 1991

Manufacturer              McDonnell Douglas

Model                         DC-9-MD-87

Condition                    Used, New Interior & IFE Systems as of June 2012

Registration                 N Reg Aircraft

Total Time                   29,595.6 FLT HRS / 29,599 CYC


Delivered with newly completed C Check

Capacity                       36 plus crew

Engine Type                 JT8D-217C


Maxim Ramp Weight 141,000 lb

Maxim Take-off Weight 140,000 lb

Maxim Landing Weight 128,000 lb

Maxim Zero-Fuel Weight 112,000 lb

Ceiling 37,000 F T


Max speed 925km/h (500kt), long range cruising speed 811km/ h (438kt).

Range with 130 passengers and reserves 4393km, (2372nm) , or optionally 5248km (2833nm). Range with max fuel 5522km (2980nm), or optionally 6764km (3650nm).


1) Internet Broadband Speed = 332KB/SEC