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Agusta 109 Elite For Sale


NEW LISTING - Agusta 109E Elite For Sale - This is a new generation light, twin-engine helicopter with state of the art technology that offers operational flexibility to meet the most demanding of customer requirements. With outstanding levels of comfort brought about by an enlarged cabin, enhanced sound proofing, large windows and an exceptionally smooth vibration-free ride this helicopter becomes the ideal aircraft for VIP transportation. If you are looking to buy a Augsta 109 Elite this is a beautiful example.


Agusta 109E Power Elite For Sale


Year of Manufacture:    2003


Airworthiness Certification:    EASA/FAA


Hours flown:    1492 (April 2012)    


Availability:    Now


Engine:    Two Pratt & Whitney PW206C


Location:    Europe


Configuration:    VIP


Power Helicopter (EASA/FAA) Single/Dual Pilot IFR Standard Configuration




Standard equipment


- Active Noise Reduction (ANR) headsets (pilot and co-pilot)


- Pilot and copilot shoulder harness with inertia reel


- Baggage compartment light


- Crew open door actuators


- Quick disconnecting chip detectors


- Portable fire extinguisher


- Structural provision for utility equipment (emergency floats,


weather radar, engine fire extinguisher, flight director, AFCS)


- Fuel drain electrical valves


- Tail boom strake


- First aid kit


- Airframe hour meter




Single pilot IFR (EASA/FAA) avionic package (Collins)




- Pilot navigation instruments (LCD EADI and EHSI, stand-by ADI)


- Gyrocompass  Honeywell


- Vertical gyro 1#2 VG-208 JET Electronics


- 3-axis duplex AFCS SP711 Honeywell


- ADF Collins CTL62


- Transponder (mode S) TDR94 Collins


- VHF #1 COM/NAV Collins  CTL22 (VHF22)


- VHF #2 COM/NAV Collins  CTL22 (VHF22)


- ICS pilot and co-pilot


- DME Collins


- Marker beacon SIRIO


- AC power supply system (two inverters)




Avionic equipment




- Copilot flight/navigation instruments (LCD EADI and EHSI, barometric altimeter, airspeed


indicator, VSI


- Flight director FZ 702 Honeywell with autotrim


- Radio altimeter RT 300 Honeywell


- ELT C406-2HM Artex


- Moving map King


- EFIS pilot/copilot in command switch




Additional equipment




- 450 W retractable/rotating landing light


- Dual controls


- Engine compartment fire extinguishers (2)


- Rotor Brake


- Windshield wipers (pilot and co-pilot) with wiper switch on cyclic grips








- Standard colour scheme from Company paint selection, solid colour




Miscellaneous/ground equipment




- Air intake/exhaust covers


- Pitot tubes covers


- Tie-down fittings provisions


- Rotorcraft Flight Manual and technical publications


- Ground tools kit (including tow bar, wheel chocks)




2) Interior list




VIP Interior including:


- Paulstra soundproofing


- All seats crash-resistant VIP model covered with one colour


- 3-seat aft facing with see-through modification


- 3-seat fwd facing with foldable armrest


- 3-point shoulder harness with inertia reels and safety belts on all seats


- reading lights, advisory lights, floor courtesy lights


- floor carpeting


- cabin loudspeakers


- 6 active noise reduction headsets


- customized passenger cabin furnishing


- pilots and copilots aft holders


- coordinated VVIP pilot and copilot seats with head rests


- Air conditioning ECU (Environment Control Unit)




3) Additional Equipment




- Customised painting scheme 2-3 metallic colours from painting company selection


- tinted overhead cockpit windows


- Fuel cap with key lock


- RH electrically operated passenger step


- Weather radar (presented on pilot/copilot EHSI)