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Bell 407 For Sale

Bell 407 For Sale. The Bell 407 integrates reliability, speed, performance, and manoeuvrability with a cabin configurable for an array of missions and payloads. Its Rolls Royce 250-C47B turbine FADEC engine delivers exceptional hot & high performance with the ability to cruise at 140 knots (259 km/hr). The 407's spacious cabin seats up to five passengers in wide-open club-passenger seating and can be reconfigured to accommodate any number of tasks and payloads. For added passenger comfort, the Bell 407 also provides a very quiet and smooth ride in virtually all weather conditions. The Bell 407 is proof that you don’t have to sacrifice comfort for performance. If you are looking to buy a Bell 407 this is a great example.

Bell 407 For Sale

One owner since new - Floats - Always Hangared - Private use only 

Hours: 992.5 

Cycles: 1329 

Landings: 1461 

Based in Europe 

Aircraft is on CAMO- Computer Tracked Maintenance


Dual Controls

Rotor Brake

5250 LB Gross Weight

High elevation Skid Gear w/Fairings and Floats

5 Corporate Seats in Grey leather (7 passengers inc pilot)

Corporate Interior Trim

Corporate Soundproofing

Dual Consoles between Fwd and Aft Facing Cabin Seats

Aux Fuel Tank Provisions & Equipment (19 Gal)

Particle Separator w/Bleed Air System

Par Avion Snow Baffle Kit

Par Avion Folding Blade Kit

Lead Acid 28 Amp Battery Conversion

AAI Dual Control Safety Kit

AAI Passenger/Crew and Baggage Auto Door Openers

AAI Pre-Flight Kit w/4 Step Handles and 2 Folding Maint Steps

AAI Baggage Spacemaker

AAI Locking Fuel Cap

LED Anti-Collision Light

Cockpit Cup Holders and Storage Areas


 4 X Sliding Glass Windows 

Headliner for forced air ventilation


1 KT-70 066-01141-0101 Mode-S Transponder
2 KR-87 066-1072-04 ADF Receiver
3 KX-165 069-1025-25 NAV/COM Transceiver
4 KY-196A 064-1054-30 COM
5 PMA7000S PMA7000S Audio Panel
6 Skymap IIIC SM4000 GPS
7 406 AP S1820502-02 ELT
8 CS144 S1825502-01 ELT to NAV Interface
9 KI-229 066-3038-00 R.M.I.
10 KI-525A 066-3046-xx H.S.I.
11 CDE-7831 CDE-7831 Alpine AM/FM Cassette w/remote 6 discs
12 KA-92 071-01553-0200 GPS Antenna
13 0124220 1327-82 ELT Rod Antenna
14 TSP-283 31908-001 Main Battery
15   407-375-004-101 Engine Oil Temperature Indicator Litton 
16   407-375-006-103                Fuel Quantity Indicator - Moog P/N:1K426-90090005-02
17   206-706-212-119 Particle Seperator w/bleed air network
18   206-706-502-103 Rotor Brake
19   407-450-001 Floor Protector (Crew & Passenger)
20   407-453-101 Floor Protector (Baggage)
21   407-460-001 Spacemaker
22   407-511-103 Door Openers Crew
23   407-512-103 Door Openers Passenger
24   407-513-002 Door Openers Baggage
25   407-536-101 Maintenance Step Folding L/H
26   407-706-001-101 Encoding Altimeter (w/avionics mstr swt)
27   407-706-003-101 Flight Instruments
28   407-706-008-101 Emergency Popout Floats with high landing gear
29   407-706-011-101 Aux Fuel Tank  (20 Gal.)
31   407-706-702-103 Dual Controls
32   407H-200-2 Bleed Air Heater w/chin Bubble Defroster
33   407V-100-2 Forced Air Ventilation
34   407-705-702-103 Seats, Corporate
35   407-705-605-103 Armrest, Corporate
36   407-705-604-105 Headliner for forced Air ventilation