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Eurocopter EC155 For Sale

Eurocopter EC155 For Sale. The EC155 is the most technologically-advanced helicopter in its class, the EC155 is suited for a full range missions – from highly-demanding law enforcement and off-shore operations to VIP corporate transportation. Its five-blade Spheriflex main rotor and Fenestron tail rotor combine the benefits of high speed and low noise, while state-of-the-art avionics reduce pilot workload and ensure ease of maintenance. The EC155 is powered by two Turbomeca Arriel 2C2 engines with Full Authority Digital Engine Controls (FADEC). If you are looking to buy a Eurocoper EC155 this VIP helicopter is a fantastic example.

Eurocopter EC155 For Sale


2009 Eurocopter

EC-155 B1

880 Hours

1590 Cycles


Standard Equipment

Baggage hold with floor tie-down net and 2 lockable doors (LH and RH side) Tail boom with stabiliser fitted with 2 lateral endplates and a shrouded tail rotor built into the vertical fin.

Retractable tricycle landing gear with nose wheel castor lock unit, assisted differential brakes on pilot and co-pilot side and parking brake

6 built-in foot-steps (3 on each side) for access to transmission deck

Additional anti-corrosion protection

Structural reinforcements for 1,600 kg (3,527 lb) cargo-sling

Structural reinforcements for external hoist Jacking, hoisting, mooring and gripping points


Cabin Equipment

1 multipurpose cabin

2 removable pilot and co-pilot energy attenuating high back-rest seats,

adjustable in reach and height, each fitted with a 5 point harness

2 hinged pilot and co-pilot doors, jettisonable with tinted windows, allowing access to cockpit and front passenger row, each fitted with a sliding window

2 jettisonable tinted windows located between cockpit and cabin doors

2 passenger sliding doors with jettisonable tinted windows

2 externally mounted cockpit and cabin footsteps

2 tinted upper panes Cabin upholstery Dual flight controls Fuel shut-off controls

1 rotor brake control

1 heating / demisting / ventilation system

2 windshield wipers

1 portable fire-extinguisher in cockpit

2 illuminated chart holders

Stowage place in the doors for flight documents

1 flight manual



2 Primary Flight Displays (PFD) providing the following information:


Indicated airspeed with flight envelope data

Vertical speed

Barometric altitude

ILS (with heading scale) (*) Auto Pilot mode annunciator DH alarm

2 Navigation Displays (ND) providing the following information:


Radio navigation sources (*)

Automatic bearings (*)

Radar altitude scale with DH select

ILS (*)

DME (*)

2 D navigation leg displays (*)

External video sources (*)

1 dual screen Vehicle and Engine Management Display (VEMD)

First Limitation Indicator (FLI): limitation related to the first power limitation:

NG,T4, TRQ Engine oil temperature/pressure indicator

Hydraulic pressure Ammeter and voltmeter OAT

Enhanced usage monitoring functions

Engine Cycle counting

Automatic engine check

1 Caution Advisory Display (CAD) providing the following information:

Caution advisory display (amber, green and blue lights)

Fuel quantity

NG (back-up mode)


2 Instrument Control Panels (ICP)

1 stand-by gyro-horizon

1 stand-by anemometer

1 stand-by altimeter

1 stand-by magnetic compass

1 landing gear position selector and indicator

2 stop watches

1 triple tachometer for rotor and engine 1 and 2 free turbine r.p.m.

1 tachometer for rotor on co-pilot's side

1 warning panel (red alarms)

2 master alarm lights

2 manoeuvre limit lights

2 "UG not extended" warning lights

1 Automatic Pilot Mode Selector (APMS)

1 Reconfiguration Control Unit (RCU)

1 fuel circuit control and inspection panel

1 AHRS control box

1 overhead panel including:

1 engine control pane

2 dual fire extinguishing controls for engine bays 1 dual fire extinguishing control for baggage hold 1 electrical control panel

1 brake hydraulic circuit pressure gauge on pilot side  floor

3 heated pitot head

2 Attitude and Horizontal Reference Systems (AHRS

2 Air Data Computers (ADC)

1 radar altimeter (radar altitude displayed on NDs)

1 nose-mounted rack with the following avionic modules :

2 Flight Data Computer Modules (FDCM),

1 Automatic Pilot Module (APM),

Spare for 1 Miscellaneous Flight Data Acquisition Unit (MFDAU)


Power Plant / Engines


2 TURBOMECA ARRIEL 2C2 turbine engines complete with starting,

dual channel Full Authority Digital Engine Control (FADEC) system,

and fitted with 4 chip detectors cabled with 1 warning light on warning panel

The FADEC provides the following main functions:

Variable rotor speed governing

0E1 training mode

Automatic starting sequence

Each engine is equipped with an anti-icing fuel system (efficient down to

O.A.T. = -20° C)

Automatic backup engine governing, electrically controlled

1 fuel system including 6 tanks split into 2 groups, with a total usable

capacity  of 1,257 litres (332 US gal), 4 immersed canister booster pumps, 1 transfer pump and low level fuel indication

2 engine lubrication and oil cooling systems

1 fuzz burner system on engine lubricating system 2 engine fire detection and extinguishing systems 2 engine anti-icing air-intake grids

2 phase-angle sensors for torquemeter

Single-side engine flushing plug (without removing cowlings)

Single-side fuel filler with lock and protection door



1 main gearbox with oil sight gauge, magnetic plug, oil pressure and temperature pick-up, lubrication system, 1 standby lubrication pump, thermal-switch, rotor tachometer drive, holes for endoscope and oil sampling, and 2 chip detectors cabled with a warning light on warning panel

2 free wheels integrated to the main gearbox

1 main gearbox oil cooling system

2 engine I main gearbox coupling shafts

1 rotor brake

1 tail gearbox with oil sight gauge and 1 chip detector cabled with a Warning light on warning panel


Optional and Additional

The following equipment was installed in addition to the standard aircraft

VIP interior Installation comprising.

(3 place rear bench, 2x fwd cabin swivel seats, 2x crew seats).

Air conditioning system.

Carpet (cockpit/cabin including drugget & boot).

Baggage Hold trimming.

Electric Footsteps.

2x cabin extinguishers.

First aid kit.

Flight manual.

Emergency floats fixed fittings.

Ferry tank fixed fittings.

Tailboom ballast support.

Tailboom ballast plates.



Strobe Lights.

2x Collins 422A VHF/AM (Pilot & co-pilot).

2x Collins 432 VOR/ILS (Pilot & co-pilot).

Collins 462 ADF/1 Radio Compass.

Transponder TDR94.

ICS 2 Lane TB31.

NAT (4HP) Public Address system.

Optional Equipment

NAT Passenger Interphone system BA1920

Collins 442 DME.

Kannad 406 ELT System.

Radar RDR 2000 with VRU.


Flight management system Universal UMS.

TAS Ryan 9900.

EGPWS Honeywell on TRA 45.

IFR Kit (RMI-DME 2nd Chrono).

Rosemount ice detector.

CVFDR system


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