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JetRanger III For Sale

2001 JetRanger III For Sale. The JetRanger series has become the definitive turbine powered light utility and corporate helicopter of the past three decades. It combines jet turbine engine reliability and affordability into one sophisticated and capable package. The aircraft will seat up to 4 passengers and is ideal for a number of roles, including passenger transfers, aerial filming and photography, site inspections and load lifting. This unit is presents an excellent opportunity to buy a Bell Jetranger 206B-3 giving you an entry level turbine helicopter. 

2001 - 206B-3 JetRanger III For Sale 

Current hours: 960

Current cycles:  620

No damage history – Leather Seats – Dual Controls


•             Garmin Audio GMA-340

•             Garmin GPS/NAV/COM  GNS -430

•             Garmin ATC Transponder GTX-327

•             Garmin ILS indicator GI-106A

•             King Com KY -96A

•             COM  1  Antenna  CI – 121

•             COM 2 Antenna  CI -122-2

•             NAV Antennas CI -205-1

•             MKR Beacon Antenna CI -102

•             ATC Transponder Antenna CI -105

•             Garmin GA -56 GPS Antenna

•             Altitude Encoder ACK A-30

•             AICD III  FM/AM  Receiver / CD Player

•             Wire Harnesses


Equipment Installed

Altimeter, Airspeed, Dual Tachometer, Gas Producer Tachometer, Fuel Pressure & Laodmeter,  Fuel Quantity, Torque,  Turbine Outlet Temp, Engine Oil Press & Temp, Compass Magnetic Standby Clock, Outside Air Temperature, Transmission Oil Press & Temperature, Master Caution Panel, Starter / Gnerator.