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Robinson R66 For Sale

Robinson R66 for Sale. The Robinson R66 Turbine for sale has a a two-bladed rotor system, T-bar cyclic, and an open interior cabin configuration. The R66 has increased reserve power, improved altitude performance, a fifth seat, and large baggage compartment. Popular upgrades including HID landing lights, leather seats, and a stereo audio control panel are standard in the R66. If you are looking to buy a Robinson R66 helicopter this is a beautiful example. 

Robinson R66 For Sale 

Low hours

2 radios



182 hours TT

Annual October 2015

Recent 100

Still Under Warranty

Leather upholstery - Tan l Blue or Gray - standard Mount for Fire Extinguisher Digital Clock

8 Hole Instrument Panel - standard

Garmin GTR225B Corn with GTX327 Transponder Mode C - std Upgrade to Garmin GTX330 ES Transponder (Mode S) Five-point front seat harnesses Kannard ELT Air Conditioning Artificial Horizon Giro with Slip / Skid Indicator Directional Giro l Indicator High Capacity Battery 25 AH Metallic Black: with Gold trim lines includes R66 logo Extra Corrosion Protection Vertical Compass & Millibar Altimeter – std

Headsets: 1 Bose A20 noise cancelling with bluetooth

Headsets: 3 David Clark H10 - 13H

Garmin GNCZ55A Com 2/ Nav with VOR indicator in 8 hole panel Fire extinguisher Airbox Foresight Superbright