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Dauphin AS 365 N2

A beautiful example of the aircraft that has been refurbished tip to tail

AS-356N Lease. This helicopter introduced more powerful Arriel 1C turboshafts, enlarged tail surfaces, revised transmission, main rotor, rotor mast fairing and engine cowling, and retractable tricycle undercarriageThe AS-365N Dauphin 2 is one of Eurocopter's most successful designs and has found widespread use in corporate, police, media, EMS and search and rescue roles worldwide. If you are in the market to lease a Dauphin AS-365N2 this is a beautiful example of the aircraft that has been refurbished tip to tail.

Dauphin AS 365N2 For Lease

Year: 1993

Helicopter has been refurbished from tip to tail.

This helicopter is certified single pilot IFR. capable of carrying up to 9 px + pilot.  150knts cruise with a range of 450 nautical miles.

The helicopter has been refurbished from tip to tail.  A complete review of its maintenance including all of its major inspections.

Equipped to JAR OPS standard including newly installed CVR, TCAS, MODE S, ELT, AVAD, RADAR


  • x 4 tube EFIS 40
  • KMD 550
  • KLN 90 B (Autopilot coupled)
  • KTR 908 Comm
  • KDF 806 DDF
  • KNR 634A Nav
  • BXP 6401 Becker Txpdr
  • DM441B DME

New VIP interior by Aircraft Interiors of Farnborough

Time Remaining

MR Sleeves                            36401

MR Shaft                                8319

MAST overhaul                       671

MGB                                       1196

MGB support bar x 2              671

TRB x 6                                   321

TRB x 5                                   1749

T/R centre shaft                      3571

Fwd shaft                                4425

Aft shaft                                  750

TRGB                                      1196

T/R servo                                671

M/R servo                               671

M/R servo                               1196

M/R servo                               1196

Engines on SBH Turbomeca


Maximum Speed
306 km/h
Maximum Range
827 km
Service Ceiling
5865 m


1 - 2

General Characteristics

13.73 m
11.94 m
4.06 m
Empty Weight
2411 kg
Max Takeoff Weight
4300 kg
2 x Turbomeca Arriel 2c Turboshafts