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EC225LP Super Puma For Sale

The Eurocopter EC225 Super Puma, now known as the Airbus Helicopters H225, is a long-range passenger transport helicopter developed by Eurocopter as the next generation of the civilian Super Puma family. It is a twin-engined aircraft and can carry up to 24 passengers along with 2 crew and a cabin attendant, dependent on customer configuration. The helicopter is marketed for offshore support and VIP passenger transport duties, as well as public service missions. 

EC225LP Super Puma For Sale 


YOM: 2009 

Engines: 2 x Turbomeca Makila 2A

Fuel Capacity: 626.7 USG (inc Auxiliary tank)

Avionics: IFR dual pilot, includes FMS, CMA3024 GPS, EGPWS, Telephonics 1600C Weather Radar, dual VOR/ILS and VHF; ADF, DME; ADELT, TCAS1, HOMP etc

HUMS Status: M’ARMS with CVFDR

Role Equipment: Norwegian North Sea operations equipped – emergency floatation gear, two liferafts, HEEL, De-Icing etc

Seats & Configuration: 19 with high comfort upholstery and soundproofing, extended baggage compartment; enlarged cabin grey tinted windows.

Additional equipment Includes: Air Conditioning, enlarged cabin windows, pressure refuelling, hoist fixed parts, cargo hook, mirror and searchlight provisions etc



The aircraft is configured new from TC holder for 19 passenger offshore cabin configuration, meeting NOROG 066 requirements. 4-point harness on all seats. Seats are crash attenuating seats. No storage facilities or possibilities under seats, nor is this allowed.

Cabin interior is original Airbus Helicopter cabin, including sound proofing.

No external baggage pods at time of lease rejection redelivery.

Cockpit checklists and cabin safety pamphlets must be prepared and installed prior to operation.



The aircraft is adapted to offshore passenger transport iaw NOROG 066 requirements.

This involves installation of “Belly Mounted Life raft release” as provided by Heli-One Norway (EASA Part 21 DOA).

The helicopter is fully de-iced.


ENGINE 1. ( L/H)

Makila 2A1, installed on Nov. 30, 2015 with 3274 hrs. Total time is 3617:01 hrs.

The engine was new 03.03, 2005.

OH requirement is 4000/hrs or 5478 Days (15yrs)

This engine has consumed 8,575 % of it’s OH interval and 8,3% of it’s OH calendar interval.



Makila 2A1, installed on Oct. 25, 2015 with 2176 hrs. Total time is 3276:25 hrs.

The engine was new at May, 2008.

OH requirement is 4000/hrs or 5478 Days (15yrs)

This engine has consumed 81,9 % of it’s OH interval in hrs. and 57,2 % of it’s OH calendar interval.



DF935 (Chelton)

Flight Management System CMA9000

Cockpit Voice / Flight Data Recorder

EGPWS Cmd box


Marine VHF

Weather Radar RDR1600

ADC ADU (*2)

Radio Altimeter ERT160 (*2)



Public Address with 12 Speakers


VHF Comm VHF-422D (x2) + Control unit (x1)

VHF FM Transceiver NPX138

VOR / LOC / GS Nav./ Marker VOR Receiver (x2) 􀂲


ADF 462

ATC Transponder TDR94

Automatic Flight Control Systems AFCS (*2)

Attitude Heading Reference Unit AHRU (*2)

DME 442

Deployable ADELT / CPI (ELT) HR503

Radar Doppler Velocity Sensor

DMSEU (Digital Map System Electronic Unit)



19 Passengers

6th Fuel Tank

Sponson Fuel Tank

Fuel Tank Transfer

Pressure Refuelling System

POD Fuel Tank + Baggage (FP)

Formation & Rotor Lights

Anti-collision Light Belly Mounted

Standard Landing Light

Trakka Search light (FP)

HEEL Lighting

Bubble Windows (2 on each side)

Dual Controls

Air conditioning􀂳cabin side

Emergency Floatation System

Life Rafts (*2)

Dual Hoist (FP & RP)

FLIR Nose Mounted FLIR (FP)

External mirror (FP + RP)


De-iced Equipped (MRB, TRB, Horizontal Stabilizer)

Heating Windshield

NVG Compatible