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Challenger 300

Challenger 300 For Sale 2013. The Bombardier Challenger 300 is the definitive, super-midsize corporate jet, developed to satisfy customer needs unmet by any other aircraft. This Bombardier Challenger 300 for sale is a sophisticated, high-performance business jet with transcontinental range. Uncompromising and unlimited in both comfort and business capabilities, the Challenger 300 aircraft has been created with ingenuity and vision, to evolve smoothly with the rapid pace of the corporate world and maintain its value over time. If you are looking to buy a Challenger 300 this is a beautiful example of the aircraft. 


2013 Challenger 300 For Sale 

Serial Number: 20402

Beautiful Almost New Challenger 300 For Sale. This aircraft is under full warranty and on all programs, it is ready to be sold and enter immidate long service. 

Price: $15.9m USD Ask 



Total Time 1594 Hours       

Cycles 764       


APU Honeywell AS907 (on MSP)

APU: GTCP 36-150 BD (on MSP) 

APU 705 Hours


Schedule A-1 - Options



025-404 Floorplan 4 - Aft Left Hand Divan



C23-440 Datallnk (VDL Mode 2) with Link 2000+ And iridium lnterface

FARIJAR C34-400 Second Automatic Direction Finder (ADP)

G46-41 B Enhanced Map Overlays

Avionics Flight Director Collins Proline 21 w/ four 10x12” LCD Displays

Auto Pilot Dual Collins FGC-3002

Communication Dual Collins VHF-4000 w/ 8.33 KHZ Spacing

Navigation Dual Collins NAV-4000/4500 w/ FM Immunity

HF Comm Dual Collins 9031A w/ Selcal

Automatic Direction Finder Collins 4000

Distance Measuring Equip Dual Collins DME-4000

Flight Management System Dual Collins FMC-5000

Transponder Dual Collins TDR-94D Mode S w/ Flight ID

Global Positioning System Dual Collins GPS-4000S

Radar Collins WXr-854 Enhanced Weather Radar

Radar Altimeter Collins ALT-4000

Terrain Collision Collins TTR-4000 TCAS II w/ Change 7.0

Enhanced Ground Prox. Collins EGPWS w/ Windshear

Emergency Locator Artex 406 w/ Nav Interface



C00-032 Foreign Certification

LEIFARIJAR C25-410 Over-Water Flight Kit

C25-543-2 Airshow 4000 System with Worldwide Package



C25-617 Forward Wardrobe Adiustable Shelves

G25-473 Forward Partition with Sliding Door

C25-4804 Dado Storage Boxes (Location 2 and 6)

C26-480-2 Dado Storage Boxes (Location 1 and 5)

C25-474-2 FWD UH Pyramid cabinet ( Literati)

C26-476-2 FWD RIH Pyramid cabinet ( Literati)

C25-616-1 Baseline Galley - Additional Storage Shelves



C&O Enhanced DBU 5000 Functionnallty

C&0 ADD Additional National Requiremenis- Romania

Note Certified Coffee Maker


Superior Range

True widebody cabin comfort and convenience, for 8-10 passengers, to suit the demanding needs of today’s business travellers.The CHALLENGER 300 is now an even better value proposition providing the operator with state-of-the-art Ethernet cabin electronic system with Hi-Fi sound from nowhere.


Aircraft Performance

True transcontinental versatility and superior all-around performance to get you where you need to go without sacrificing speed.

Exceptional field performance even under hot and high conditions.

Proven performance with record flights over the continental US and over-water flights.


Competitive Comparison

Best all-around super-midsize jet.

Lowest direct operating costs among the true super mid-size class.


Technical Overview

Clean sheet design meets the latest stringent compliance standards.

Superior and more ergonomic avionics suite – reduces pilot fatigue, increases situational awareness and allows for easier monitoring and troubleshooting.

Please call or email for more details on this beautful new 2013 Challenger 300 for sale