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Global 5000

Bombardier Global 5000 For Sale. This corporate jet aircraft outclasses all competitors in one affirming declaration of style and performance. This powerful and luxurious aircraft provides unequalled comfort, at unmatched speeds and over unsurpassed distances. More versatile than any business jet in their class, Global 5000 aircraft allow access to even the most challenging airfields around the world. Developed from breakthrough Global Express technologies and with its heritage of stringent certification standards, the Bombardier Global 5000 business jet not only outperforms the competition, it is exceptionally efficient to own, maintain and fly - a superb, cutting-edge addition to the Bombardier family of high-performance business jets. If you are looking to buy a Global 5000 then look no further than this. 

Bombardier Global 5000 For Sale

Total Time Airframe 1225.00 hours.

424 Landings.

Left Engine 1225.00 hours

Right Engine 1225.00 hours

APU 890.00 hours. 610 cycles. 

Bombardier Global 5000 is a new luxurious aircraft for sale at Exclusive Aircraft.

It has over 1800 hours and just completed the 5 year check.

Honeywell Primus 2000 XP Avionics with six EFIS displays. Dual Honeywell Primus II Integrated Radio Systems, Including RM-850 Radio Management Units; AV-850A Audio Panels. Dual Honeywell Integrated Nav Units, Including DF-850 ADF’s; DM-850 DME’s; NV-850 VHF NAV’s Dual Honeywell GPS - 550 Triple Honeywell FMS – IC-800, CDU-820 Triple Honeywell IRS – Laser Ref IV. Triple Honeywell VHF Comm – RCZ-833K, RCZ833. Dual Honeywell HF Comm – Rockwell Collins HF-9301A Dual Honeywell Autopilots – IC-800 Dual Honeywell Altitude Alerter – IC-800 Triple Honeywell ADC’s – AZ-840 Dual Honeywell Transponders – RCZ-833K, Module XS-852F Honeywell Weather Radar – Primus 880. Dual Rockwell Collins Radio Altimeters – ALT – 4000. Honeywell EGPWS. Honeywell RT-950 TCAS II with Change 7. Honeywell DL-950 Data Loader

Flight Crew Quick Donning MMASKS (Puritan Bennet) Eros MC20 Half Mask + MXG Goggles Jumps Seat Satelite TV System Collins SATCOM – SAT-6100 (three channels) Iridium Telephone System. Teledyne Datalink System (ACARS) Honeywell Lightning Sensor System (LSS) – LSZ – 860 Thales/Sextant Head Up Display (HUD) Thales Integrated Electronic Standby Instruments (ISIS)

Rockwell Collins Cabin Electronic System (CES). Controls: Global Office; Cabin Utilities; Entertainment; Control & Display; Maintenance and Diagnostics. Global Office: Wireless Local Area Network (LAN); Fax/Printer/Scanner; Off Aircraft Connectivity (email & internet) Entertainment: Multi Disc CD (10 speakers, 4 subwoofers); Dual DVD players; ‘Airshow’ Flight Information System. Cockpit Flight Observer Seat – Approved for Take Off & Landing Rockwell Collins Airshow 4000. Flight Information Data; Worldwide Map Coverage; Aural Audio Briefing (4 standard briefings)

Entertainment: Audio. Ten (10) Speaker; Four (4) Subwoofers; One (1) Multi Disc CD Changer; Video. Two (2) 21.3” LCD Monitors (1 x aft facing on RHS fwd bulkhead & 1 x fwd facing on LHS aft cabin bulkhead; One (1) 10.4” touch screen LCD galley monitor; two (2) multi regional DVD player; MPEG Encoders; MPEG Decoders; One (1) 18.4” LCD Monitor Manual pop up Monitor in Credenza; In arm Monitors Aft Facing Seats Zone 1; Plug in Monitors x 4 (2 x Zone 1, 2 x zone)

Mid Cabin Bulkhead C/W Manual Sliding Door with EICAS Annunciation Electric Window Blind Shipset (Accordia Type) Logo Lights Wide Seats x 4. (Zone 1) LH Galley Annex C/W Electrical Outlets RH Galley Annex Espresso Coffee Maker, Manual Fill. Additional Cabin Window FWD Cabin. Crew Lav Hi-Lo Conference Table (electric) One 16 G Berthable Divans (Zone 3) All interior LED lighting. Medco Lock System (common key)

Exterior Paint. Aircraft Detailed Paint Scheme. Engine Cowls, Interior Painted White. Polished Engine Cowl Latches. Polished Cabin Window Surrounds Polished APU Exhaust Duct & Access Cowling Latches.

Global 5000 For Sale