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Bombardier Global 6000 For Lease

Bombardier Global 6000 For Lease. This aircraft is the most luxurious business jet built by Bombardier Aerospace. Global 6000 is fitted with a vision flight deck which is designed for a completely new cockpit experience. The aircraft features on board maintenance system (OMS), a superior diagnostic and troubleshooting tool. It also features an integrated cursor control panel, a synthetic-enhanced vision system and paperless operation enabled by dual electronics charts. This is a large cabin, ultra long range business jet is the ultimate anywhere in the world with one stop aircraft. If you are looking to lease a Global 6000 this is a fantastic example. 

Global 6000 For Lease 


Aircraft Total Time: 998 Hours

Rolls Royce Corporate Care


Private Register

One Owner - No Damage - 14 Passenger - Flexible Maintenance Program


Engine Model – BR700-710A2-20 Time As Of January 20, 2014

•             Left Engine:        998 Hours

•             Right Engine:      998 Hours

General Information

•             Bombardier Vision Flight Deck

•             Electric Window Shades

•             Forward Crew &Aft Pax Lavatory


Forward Cabin

Four (4) Single Seats



Conference Group, seating

for four (4), opposite Two

(2) Single Seats


Aft Cabin:

A Three (3) place berthable divan (certified for two passenger take-off and landing), opposite two (2) single seats



•             Crew rest area with one (1) single seat

•             Forward and aft lavatories

•             Electric accordion window shades (60 Months Warranty Parts Only)

•             Three (3) magazine racks

•             Four (4) spring-assisted pull-up tables, when deployed are between the single seats

•             Mid-Cabin Electrical Hi-lo Conference Table with mechanical back-up

•             One (1) conference table plug-in extension

•             Double closet in Aft Lavatory

•             Lowboy cabinet

•             Iridium telephone system - Cradles at Seat #2 RH & #6LH, Masterseats

•             Passenger address system Global Office

•             Local area network

•             Off aircraft connectivity

•             Network security

•             Pressure sensitive mats in lavatory (one (1) in each lavatory) to activate the water supply to the lavatories.

•             Floor mat heaters, entrance area and forward cabin zones

•             One (1) universal power outlet 230v (15 amp) in forward and aft lavatories

•             Two (2) Ethernet dual disk blu-ray players, Ten speakers and four sub-woofers

•             Two (2) 24" LCD monitors and One (1) 10.6" touch screen LCD monitor (galley)

•             Airshow ASXi Interactive Flight Information System

•             Eleven (11) each receptacles for 10.6" touch screen plug-in monitor.

(One in crew area and ten (10) in the cabin side ledges. Three (3) plug-in 10.6” touch screen LCD monitors with arms in leather pouches provided as loose equipment

•             The Entertainment system (DVD and two (2) Iphone/Ipod Cradle) is

located in the crew rest overhead Cabinet opposite the Galley touchscreen.

IPod’s have their own power cradle at each seat

•             Plug-in monitors have their receptacles underneath the drinks

holders (no receptacles at divan and mid-cabin conference seats) and Audio plug adapters installed in every seat, front of the armrest

•             Sixteen (16) Wireless Passenger Control Units (PCU) (includes two

master seat configured units) Fourteen (14) in cabin, one (1) Crewrest and one (1) spare at Entertainment system Cabinet

•             Cabin / Lavatory call system

•             Securaplane external camera system for pax entertainment (One [1]

down zoom camera, one [1] belly-mounted quad camera and one [1] fin camera installed on the vertical fin

•             Six (6) utility storage in crew rest/Galley cabinet opposite side of countertop

•             Paper towel dispenser (European size)

•             Note: All "personal" items (china, silverware, glassware, etc....) remain with the seller.

•             One (1) microwave TIA

•             One (1) manual fill espresso maker

•             One (1) galley touchscreen control panel

•             Two (2) crystal storage areas

•             One (1) high temperature oven

•             One (1) 167 L fridge

•             One (1) Large Bin

•             One (1) double room Ice box

•             Seven ( 7) drawers + one wine drawer 6x ½ bottles + (6x ½ bottles or

3-4 full bottles) located under the Countertop)

•             Two (2) large drawers, two (2) ½ large drawers, one (1) large tray

storage area, One (1) storage area, located in cabinet beside countertop

•             Two (2) pull out cutting boards and one (1) cutting board on sink cover

•             One (1) 12 x 12 inch Sink

•             One (1) Small drawer for five (5) espresso cups and plates

•             One (1) small drawer utility

•             Three (3) Universal power outlets 230v (15 amp)



A breakthrough in business aviation, the Bombardier Vision Flight Deck is the first business jet cockpit to blend seamlessly with the cabin. The Bombardier Vision Flight Deck is designed to deliver a completely new cockpit experience. By combining the best in technological advancements with superior designer aesthetics, it provides pilots with an unprecedented level of control and comfort.


The Bombardier Vision Flight Deck was developed to:

•             Minimize probability of human error

•             Provide VFR-like operations in IFR conditions

•             Enhance situational awareness

•             Reduce pilot workload and simplify operations

•             Flight Deck

•             Increase mission availability and completion rate


Its benefits include:

•             Flawless execution of mission needs

•             Maximized completion of mission and minimized use of alternate destinations due to weather or lower visibilities

•             Accessibility to desired destination as needed

•             Well-informed crew members equipped with the best tools to comply with the most demanding mission requirements

•             Latest technology with growth potential able to keep up with avionics advances


LCD Head-Up Flight Display System

The HUD is an optical and electronic LCD system which generates and displays information in the pilots' forward field of view. The installation provides a system capable of supporting all phases of flight including manual precision approaches down to CAT II Minima with a Decision Height (DH) of 100 ft. Guidance information is echoed by the HGS, using the modes and commands provided by the factory installed Automatic Flight Control System (AFCS).


High-resolution Enhanced Vision System (EVS) Camera

The Enhanced Vision System (EVS) provides the flight crew with improved situational awareness during the critical flight phases such as take-off, approach and landing.

The EVS provides increased visual range and may allow the pilot to acquire reference cues at Decision Height (DH) to continue an approach. The Infra Red (IR) image is available head up on the HUD and head down on the main displays. The EVS system consists of an IR Camera, an aerodynamic fairing with window and a de-icing heat controller.

Cockpit Multifunction Touch-Screen Display Two (2) 8.4" Multifunctional Touch-screen Display and Two (2) Aircraft Interface Unit (AIU). (It is the Electronic Flight Bags [EFB's]) Latest cockpit technology:


•             SMS-5000 Surface Management System

•             Collins SATCOM, model SRT-2100B - SAT 2200

•             Cockpit Voice Recorder

•             Flight Data Recorder

•             Collins VHF COM Transceiver

•             Collins High Speed Transceiver

•             Collins Mode-S Transponder

•             WX-1000E LDS Processor

•             Artex ELT-NAV Interface Unit

•             TDR-94 Diversity Transponder

•             Two Collins (2) HF Transceivers

•             Two Collins (2) Radio Altimeter

•             Two Collins (2) NAV-4000 VOR/ILS/MB/MKR/ADF Receivers

•             Two Collins (2) DME-4000 Transceivers

•             Selcal

•             Two Collins (2) GPS-4000S GPS Receiver

•             Collins Multiscan Weather Radar

•             IMS-6000 Information Management System

•             Three (3) ADC-3020 Air Data Computers

•             Module Synthetic Vision (SVM-6110H)

•             Paperless cockpit

•             Triple-advanced Flight Management System (FMS)

·         Link 2000+



•             Flexible Maintenance Program with Allowable task tolerances.

•             Last inspections performed:

•             1A & 2A at 917:17 Hours, 260 Cycles at the 28 November 2013, ref G6000 TLMC Rev.2.

•             The intervals changed with the New G6000 TLMC Rev 3, 11 December 2013

•             "Outstanding Delivery List" items remain to be provided by


Bombardier relative to the Global Vision Flight Deck. The latest completed avionics Suite Update: Software V 4.5 installed by SB700-34-6010 and SB700-34-6017 Rev 3 on January 24, 2014. Version 5.0 remains to be installed. Items on this list are to be provided free  of charge under warranty by Bombardier.

•             Baggage Compartment - larger than Global XRS

•             Located in the Aft Equipment Bay

o             Tow bar

o             Combined Jacking Equipment

o             Air Starter Adapter

o             Storage Box 8 x 10 x 18 inch, max weight 60 lbs (27 kg)

•             Additional Refuel/De-fuel Panel

•             Increased maximum take-off from 98,000 lbs (44,452 kg) to 99,500 lbs(45,132 kg)

•             Operations at Airports with Maximum Weight Restrictions - to allow aircraft operation at airports that have adopted requirements for a certified MTOW  and MLW of 75,000lbs (34,020 kg).

•             Quick Access Recorder 700-31-026 provides compliance to an amendment to JAR-OPS


•             Improved  Center  transfer  fuel  pumps  700-28-6003  to  prevent pump  cavitation  climbing through 30-40,000 feet range.

•             Headliner, valance/PSU: Tapis, Ultraleather Fusion, Icicle Shimmer


•             Window line: Izit, WillowTex, Rice: Noble.

•             Lower sidewall & curtains: Townsend Leather, Classic Cow, Noisette


•             Cabin Seats: Lantal, Lacar Prestige Vegetal Natural, 1307 Natur (P/N


•             Divan & 4 Pillows Brentano, Elements Collection - Drift, Moraine


•             Pillows:  Jab, Toro-Vol.2, #1-1045-127

•             Plating: Techno Plating, Satin Almond Gold, TC-10/17 (S)

•             Carpet Cabin and Aft Lav: Kalogridis, #7X-124EX, Sorena WS, Style


•             Carpet Galley, Forward Lav and Cockpit: Tredford 571

•             Baggage Compartment: Geneve, 2262 Acorn

•             Galley, forward and aft Lav Countertops: Black Galaxy

•             Veneer: Custom Plywood, QTR Fig Pearwood (with Maple Hardwood), MA