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MD 87 VIP For Lease

MD87 VIP For Lease. McDonnell Douglas announced that it was to produce a shorter fuselage MD-80 series development aircraft, designated the MD-87, which would seat between 109 and 130 passengers depending upon configuration. This amazing passenger aircraft has now been converted into a full V-VIP flying palace with a bedroom, seating for 24 passengers in comfort, 3000 nm range, 7 hour + flying capability and the full interior refurbishment was only completed in 2012. We have this immaculate MD 87 VIP for ACMI lease exclusively and it is available to enter immediate operation. 

VIP Airliner Conversion For Lease 
1992 MD 87 –VIP
24 Passenger Interior (2012 Refit)
Additional Aux Fuel Tank
Range: 3000 NM 7:20 hr + Reserves
Available for ACMI Lease
Privately European Registration
- Two VHF radios
- Two HF radios
- Iridium and Inmarsat SATCOM
- Dual ILS/VOR/ADF receivers
- Cat IIIA capable with auto land. Although we are not certified at the moment for lower than CAT I because with the owners destinations it is not necessary, we can get certified if necessary
- WX radar / TCAS / TAWS terrain warning system
- GPS/WAAS approach capable dual Universal UNS-Fw FMS
- Universal Electronic Flight Bag, In the process of switching to iPad EFB’s
Cabin Amenties
- Satellite WiFi internet connection.
- Satellite phone system with multiple handsets.
- Satellite fax (all sat com by True North),
- CCC (Custom Control Concepts) Inflight entertainment system with two large flat screens in the VIP saloon,4 smaller flat screens in the aft cabin, Medium flat screen in the VIP bedroom
- Entertainment system, and cabin lighting is iPad controlled, Three DVD players, CD changers, iPod / iPad input, and Airshow. Upgrade in process to iPad / iPhone 5 streaming with Apple’s Air Play technology.

Please enquire for rates and full details.