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EC 135 P2 For Sale

The Eurocopter EC135-P2 For Sale is a twin-engine light utility helicopter produced by Eurocopter. The Eurocopter EC135 was introduced in August 2001 with more powerful twin Pratt & Whitney Canada PW206B2 engine featuring a Full Authority Digital Electronic Control (FADEC) system and improved power rating. The Eurocopter EC135-P2+ offers exceptional one-engine-inoperative performance, giving you that extra margin of safety. If you are looking to buy a EC135 p2i this is a perfect example. 

Eurocopter EC135-P2+ For Sale

This helicopter offers high performance, outstanding maneuverability, panoramic visibility, simple design and seating for 7 passengers, plus a single pilot. The Eurocopter EC135-P2i is able to satisfy a wide range of mission requirements demanded from a light utility helicopter, including passengers/VIP transportation, emergency medical services, law enforcement agencies, and offshore operations.

EC-135 P2i For Sale 

Year: 2009 manufactured 2010 delivered

TT: 695 hours 

Full VIP interior 

7 seats 

Drinks service unit and cooler 

Entertainment system with large monitors 

EC135 P2i VH-ZEC

General optional equipment

Air conditioning system for tropical environment

First aid kit

Multifunction handle on the main gear box cowling (LH and RH)

Tinted sun shades for cockpit windshield roof section

Tinted window for cockpit doors (light grey)

Tinted window for passenger cabin (dark grey) incl. sliding window for sliding doors

Rotor brake system

Covers for co-pilot flight controls

Engine compressor washing device

Ground handling wheels

Short term covers

Fuel drain device


Interior cabin lay-out

7 Headsets Bose noise cancelling series X

Crew headsets Bose A20 with Bluetooth

Enhanced sound proofing

Separation curtain for cockpit / cabin

Sliding door fastener, intermediate and max. position, LH

Sliding door fastener, intermediate and max. position, RH

Three forward passengers seats, facing backward

Two rear passengers seats facing forward

VIP interior (leather seat. Corporate interior treatment)


Avionics Solution 11 Single pilot IFR

(PINAO code 31100)

MEGHAS - Flight Control Display System (FCDS) single (2xSMD45)

2x MEGHAS Flight Control Display Module (FCDM - THALES)

2x MEGHAS SMD45 - pilot (PFD, ND - THALES)

2x ICP (Instrument Control Panel - THALES)

1x RCU (Reconfiguration Control Unit - THALES)

GPS / NAV / COM GNS 430, pilot (GARMIN) interfaced with FCDS

GPS / NAV / COM GNS 430, co-pilot (GARMIN) interfaced with FCDS (GPS stand-alone)

Audio/Com. Control system (pilot) AS 3100-12 (BECKER) + Intercom Select Panel (ICS selector)

Audio/Com. Control system (co-pilot) AS 3100-12 (BECKER)

Intercom amplifier IC 3100-4 (BECKER)

Marker beacon receiver/lights KR 21 (HONEYWELL)

Distance measuring equipment DMS 44 A (CHELTON/WULFSBERG)

Transponder (Mode S) GTX 330 (GARMIN)

2" Standby horizon AI 804 DC (GOODRICH), incl. emergency battery

Avionics/Radio master switches (Special ECD)

TAS610 Traffic System 12 NM range 25,000 ft ceiling

(Minimum required optional equipment according to Sol 11)


Helicopter Extras

Slant panel

Centre console

Avionics compartment

Co-pilot flight controls

7'' co-pilot instrument panel with glare shield

Map case in co-pilot door

Map case on instrument panel glare shield

Bleed air heating system

Battery, type "Saft", ULM, 40 Ah, 24 V instead of standard battery

AC system

Starter/generators (2 x 200 A, 28 V DC), inst. of std one

Reinforced rear gear cross tube (standard landing gear only)

Landing & search light (450 W)

Radar Altimeter KRA 405B (HONEYWELL)

MEGHAS sensor kit

Co-pilot static system

Digital Automatic Flight Control System – DAFCS

Engine fire extinguisher system


Customer Optional Equipment

Iridium 9555 Satellite telephone

Flightcell DZM2 Communication and Tracking System

Flight Display Systems Inflight Entertainment System with,

1, FDS Helicopter Moving Map system

2, DVD player (FD932DVD-4B)

3, Composite Aux Input panel (Ipod)

Optional 5 passenger (4 passenger cabin) layout with refrigerator.


Eurocopter EC135 P2 For Sale Serial Number 799 

Registration VH-ZEC For Sale